My life story!

I am an author and I was born in Athens (Greece). I studied for seventeen years Archaeology and History in Greece and in Italy. I have a PhD in Medieval History from the University of Athens (2006) and I speak English, French and Italian. I was awarded a number of scholarships for the completion of my studies in both Greece and abroad.


I have published numerous academic articles, I participated in international conferences, and I was awarded twice by the Greek Parliament for my research conducted on Eleftherios Venizelos (1928-1932). I have worked for the National Research Institute as well as the Ministry of Culture.


Over the last few years I have written articles for magazines related to history studies, and I have translated historical works. As a novelist I have written many books (sales over 100.000 copies) in Greek and in English (novels, short stories, etc). Here you will find my complete work. I hope you like it.


Enjoy the visit !